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About Me

Meet Roshel

I am Roshel. I was born and raised in Jamaica. Neutralised as a Black British citizen. I currently live in England, UK for the past 20+ years. Yes, I can still pull out the Jamaican accent when I need to- just in case your wondering lol. I haven’t lost my Jamaican roots.

It’s no secret I’m a total girly girl. I love makeup, nice hairstyles, pretty dresses and gorgeous shoes. Some may say it’s no surprise I became a model. I love to look good and feel my best.

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roshel Waite

What is this Blog about?

This site is dedicated to all things women!

This blog is here to help women look and feel their best, feel empowered and improve their confidence.

This includes tips and tricks on beauty, fashion- clothes & shoes, lifestyle, trends that people are trying and more!

I wanted to document my journey in the Modeling Industry as a new model on the blog with blog posts/ articles and videos so you can get a behind the scenes insight. You can expect things like how to do your makeup (tutorials), posing tips, how to look good in photos, hairstyles videos, fashion tips and advice, tips on beauty, cosmetics, skincare and more.

Are you ready to look and feel your best?

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Roshel Waite

FoundeR & EDITOR

I am Roshel. The Founder and Editor of this website.

“Navigate the Modeling Industry with me.”