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Hi There!

Hi There!

Roshel Waite, Founder

I’m Roshel, a bubbly blogger with a passion for makeup, beauty, and modeling. When I’m not perfecting my winged eyeliner, you’ll find me sipping piña coladas and indulging in red velvet cake. I love sharing tips to help others feel confident and beautiful. Join me on this fun journey!

Helping you look and feel your best through Makeup & Poses!


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Let’s Work Together

I’m interested in…Collabs!

Social media / Sponsored posts

Collaborating on social media campaigns or sponsored posts.

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Joint makeup or fashion tutorials

Creating joint makeup or fashion tutorials for YouTube or other video platforms.

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Blog posts, guest posts, etc

Collaborating on blog posts, guest posts, or product reviews.

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Podcasts or live streams

Guest starring on each other’s podcasts or live streams.

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Time for Print Shoots

For Photographers looking to shoot on a TFP basis, I’m interested in participating in beautiful shoots.

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Events and Socialising

Participating or Co-hosting events, such as beauty workshops or photo shoots.

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